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  The links on this page are your BEST FRIENDS in my class, especially when it comes to any huge projects I might throw your way (hint hint).  Always check this page for helpful hints in art, photo, cinema, and more.  If you have a link that should be on this page, please contact me with the name of the site, web address, and why it should be here.  If I like it, I'll link it and give you the credit for the find! If you have a personal page that you would link to have linked here, remember that it must be art related! Also, if any of the links are dead or not working properly, please let me know. Thanks!

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Art Related Sites

Art Museums Worldwide (2 links) Art #1 - Click to be connected to lists of art museums and their respective website. 
Artchive -- One of the best sites for information and artwork on hundreds of artists and time periods.  Mark Harden is brilliant and I love this site.
Online Art Links -- A free for all!
Metropolitan Museum of Art -- The Big One from New York.  I figured that since I am from New York, you should enjoy what I have enjoyed so many times.
The Art Institute of Chicago -- It's a museum, it's a school... Whoa.
The Museum of Modern Art (New York) -- I love the MoMa. 
CGFA Virtual Museum -- Search artists in many ways from alphabetical, by region, or by time period.
The Getty -- The Getty Museum in California.  Very nice place!
Life Tips -- Site for art supplies
National Gallery -- The biggest museum of them all in Washington DC
Artcyclopedia -- Just as the name says, an encyclopedia about art!
The Smithsonian -- As if I have to explain what this site is about.
World Wide Art Resource -- Just what a says.  An all in one web site.
Art History Resources on the Web -- Lots of pictures if you know what or who you are looking for.
Tate Museum -- One of the biggest.  Great collection.
The Louvre -- Where SHE is..
The Artists -- Just what it says.  Has lots of places and things to look through.
NYPL Digital Gallery -- Found it through Time Magazine.  Great places for pictures.
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston -- A very nice museum with many beautiful works of art!
Orlando Museum of Art -- Do I really have to explain this?
Better Textures Art Resources -- A GREAT site found by Joy! Lots of art resources!
Angie's List Art and Crafts -- Thank you to Cindy P and her Brownie Scouts for this great link! 
This is Colossal  -- I love this site!  So many contemporary artists~

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Advanced Placement Sites

College Board - AP Studio Drawing -- Site for those going for the drawing portfolio
College Board - AP Studio 2D (Digital Photo as well) -- Site for those going for the regular portfolio
College Board - AP Studio 3D -- Site for those going for the 3D portfolio
Top Ten Tips for Composing a Good Shot (Digital Photo) -- Site from Kodak
1000 Journals -- Such a cool place for inspiration on sketchbooks and journals
1001 Journals -- The sister site to the one above
Dan Eldon --  Dan created several journals before he died in Africa.  They are amazing!!
Look At Book -- Well... do what it says...
Altered Books -- Very cool altered books and journals
Collage Sketchbook -- Love it!  Even though she uses regular books as her base sketchbook, they still have lots of life in them...
Danny Gregory - AMAZING sketchbook inspiration.


Photo Related Sites

Vocational Careers -- A huge list of job listings for what a person with a photo degree can do.
Masters of Photography -- Very nice list of photographers by the person who did the Artchive.
Artcyclopedia Photographers List -- A list completely done in chronological order.  Very nice!
CG Channel -- Great art that is either "Photoshopped" or CGI.
Profotos -- All photography, all the time.
Top 50  -- A very nice list of artists.  Wonderful!
National Geographic Photos -- The most beautiful pictures out there.  They only take the best.
Digital Photo Resource